Deathstorm ‎– As Death Awakes CD 2013

Deathstorm ‎– As Death Awakes CD 2013

Deathstorm is a young Austrian thrash platoon on a mission to eradicate the mediocre and to take a stand for meaningfulness. With 2013 upon us, I HATE are proud to announce the power trio's first full-length, As Death Awakes, an album that's raw and unpolished, yet coherent and mature. 

Deathstorm’s songwriting manages to capture the aura of raw death/thrash in the early Sadus / Morbid Saint / Sodom-tradition but augmenting it with the slightly more mature and technical late 80s deeds of Coroner and Kreator. This is sadly a forgotten path not many artists choose to follow nowadays…but all this will change with Deathstorm!

I Hate Records, jewel-case CD, 2013.

Price: 10.00 €