Hexenbrett - Zweite Beschwörung: Ein Kind Zu Töten 12" LP 2020

Hexenbrett - Zweite Beschwörung: Ein Kind Zu Töten 12" LP 2020

- 12 " LP

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Wild and wily, HEXENBRETT unloaded a dizzying payload of sounds both traditional and unorthodox, dumping into its hot-rockin’ cauldron spices from first-wave black metal, Iron Curtain-era speed metal, outsider doom, and even old-school deathrock. It was a kaleidoscopic spin, and caught the attention of Caligari Records (who did a wider cassette release) and then DYING VICTIMS with their 12” vinyl version toward the end of the year. Lots of other, strange-starved ears picked up on it, too.

Hexenbrett is a German black metal band and relatively new to the scene, having released their only release in an independent EP in 2018, Erste Beschwörung.1 These Germans offer a unique take on the blackened arts: while you can expect the usual shenanigans like tremolo, shrieks, and blastbeats, debut full-length Zweite Beschwörung: Ein Kind zu töten is a multilingual affair2 done through a stunningly clean production, punky attitude, and experimental rip-roarin’ heavy metal riffs and solos. The result, in spite of its frontloaded listen and jarring tone fluxes, is packed to the brim with potential.

Price: 16.00 €