KRÖWNN - "Magmafröst" digiCD 2015
Barbaric doom metal forged in iron in the old school way. Two pretty nice ladies and one warrior from Italy delivers epic heavy doom with larger-than-life mammoth riffs in the best tradition. Elegant 4 panel digipack CD release with insert.

SVOID - "To Never Return" digiCD 2015
Dark, twisted, spiritual, Anti-Cosmic Black Metal of death from Hungary. Black as the night is the debut album of this beast. Opressive and haunting melodies meets excellent song-writing skills. Elegant 4 panel digipack CD release with 12 pages booklet.

SURUNI - "Musta Nauha" cassette 2015
Unorthodox mix of raw black metal, noise, ambient and drone with a possessed lo-fi approach feeling, coming from the woods of Finland. 3 tracks demo available on limited tape. First tape release of Sun & Moon Records.

VOWELS - "Seasonal Beast"
digi CD 2014
A highly atmospheric record from Italy, dark contemporary music for those into TENHI, BOHREN UND DER CLUB OF GORE, BADALAMENTI, DEATH IN JUNE. Beautiful neofolk/downtempo with the trumpets of Fred, who played on the latest SICULICIDIUM full-length. Elegant 4 panel digipack CD release.

OLD WITCH - "Come Mourning Come" digi CD 2014

OLD WITCH is crushing but atmospheric doom metal shrouded by a dark veil of early 90s black metal feeling. The music of dead oak forests, the sound of chilling ghostly nights, Canadian OLD WITCH makes sublime ethereal art, but bringing the massive sound, making them a strange beast in the current underground. The band's first full-length came out on nice, elegant 4 panel digipack CD.

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - "Near to the Stars" CD 2014

Re-recorded, re-mastered and re-arranged version of the 2nd ND demo from 2004. The whole stuff was performed by the original line-up: H.Suizid and L.Lokhraed. This CD is the second part of H.Suizid's last work with ND. The CD consist of 5 tracks: In the Arms of Fog, Near to the Stars, Nocte Aeterna, Crystal Tears, Lost in the Nothingness. Totally new artwork! CD came out in normal jewel case.

BLAZE OF SORROW - "Fulgida Reminiscenza" Digi CD 2014

Special mini album by the Italian nostalgic black metal band. Nostalgic journey with melancholy & sadness. The first 3 songs are from the "Unreleased Ep" from 2010 with 2 bonus tracks, including a great Death in June cover (But, What Ends When The Symbols Shatter?), 5 tracks in nice 4 panel digipack, limited to 500 copies only!

SURUNI - "Ikuus" Digi CD 2014

Debut album of this Finnish lo-fi experimental black metal band. Low-fi garage apocalyptic music when Sonic Youth jamming with Circle Of Ouroborus in acid melancholy somewhere in a deep forest under the sharp eyes of David Lynch. One of the most strange & unusual release of Sun & Moon Records. 8 tracks in nice 4 panel digipack, limited to 500 copies only!

BLAZE OF SORROW - "Echi" 12" LP 2014
Atmospheric & epic black metal from Italy. The 3rd album on black vinyl limited to only 300 copies with brand new artwork. 300 x black 12" (140g) with full-color labels in a full-color printed inner bag on 220g carton, SLEEVE: full-color with black flood inside, on upgraded 300gsm stock, coated paper with gloss lamination, with 3mm spine in PVC plastic bags.

SICULICIDIUM - "Hosszú út az örökkévalóságba" Digi CD 2013
Hosszú út az örökkévalóságba [Long way to eternity]. 7 tracks, 40 minutes of True Transylvanian Black Metal in very unique style with touch of melancholy, anger, loneliness. Album cover painting by Shaun Beaudry, design by Kogaion Art, the 2nd full length album released on limited digipak CD.

A WINTER LOST - "Die längste Nacht" CD 2013
Atmospheric, cold Canadian Black Metal with melancholy and very unique way. Fantastic music for cold winter nights. The 2nd full length album, CD came out in normal jewel case with 12 pages booklet. Artwork by Kogaion Art.

SICULICIDIUM - "Lélekösvény" 12" LP 2013
Finally available on 12" LP format the band's first mini album from 2006. The LP contains 7 tracks from the Lélekösvény MCD and 2 special cover songs from the long time sold out "Tribute To Fantom & Angel Reaper" compilation, released on CD in 2005. Transylvanian black metal it's best! 12" black vinyl came out with a total new artwork made by Meriel Longmore and limited to 300 copies!

SICULICIDIUM - "Keringők / Valses" 7" Ep 2012
2 new, never published and special slow/midtempo songs with archaic horror style from the Transylvanian Black Metal kultur terrorists. Cover artwork & lay-out by Meriel Longmore. 7" Ep strictly limited to 100 hand-numbered copies & personalized for every customer! Available only from Sun & Moon Records webshop, 1 copy/customer, no trade, no wholesale! The 1st vinyl release of Sun & Moon Records.

BLAZE OF SORROW - "Echi" CD 2012
The new revelation of Italian Black Metal scene: Blaze Of Sorrow! Echi is the third album in the band's existence.
Expect stylish Italian Nostalgic Black Metal. A must release for the Italian Black Metal lovers who are into late Spite Extreme Wing. CD came out in normal jewel case with 12 pages booklet.

GRAVE DESECRATOR - "Unblessed Bootleg Live in Bressuire - France" CD 2012
Official live album, recorded in France on 12th of March. Desecrating Europe Tour 2012. Totally fierced live shot in the vein of Mayhem's Live in Leipzig / Sabbat's Live at Blokula..666! The 1st live album in the band's history. CD came out in normal jewel case.

VOWELS - "Hooves, Leaves & the Death/As December Nightingales" CD 2012
Whiskey soaked ambient black metal shamanism with crepuscular atmospheres! Wild, atavic and primordial visions of Ancient Pan-European myths. 2 special mini albums embracing for a full length release. Flowers will blossoms from our bosoms, in peace. Grey clouds and masses Wolves and Lions be our trumpeters. Death be our daughter. Dew hooves, oaks naked meadows of horns a galaxy of nothing fell to Earth. CD came out in normal jewel case with 12 pages booklet.

SICULICIDIUM - "A rothadó virágok színüket vesztik" digi MCD 2012
Before the 2nd full length album here is a special 7 track mini-album (5 new songs + 2 old songs in special rehearsal versions) with the unique Siculicidium style. Infamously horrific folkloric Transylvanian Black Metal with evil atmosphere. Recorded in 2011 somewhere in Transylvania, mixed & mastered by Pestifer, album artwork made by Meriel Longmore (Bethlehem, Section 37). CD came out in digi-pack format, strictly limited to 500 copies.

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - "Suicidal Thoughts" CD 2011
Re-recorded, re-mastered and re-arranged version of the 1st ND demo from 2004. The whole stuff was performed by the original line-up: H.Suizid and L.Lokhraed. This CD is the first part of H.Suizid's last work with ND. The CD consist of 4 tracks: A Ghostly Face Into The Night, When Darkness Covers My Soul, As Blades Penetrate My Flesh, ...And the Forest Answers To My Call. Totally new artwork!

MORD'A'STIGMATA - "Antimatter" CD 2011
The follow-up to the 1st album "Überrealistic" was recorded & mixed at Spaart Studio and it contains over 50 minutes of irritating-senses, going-against-the-trends post-black metal stuff, a comprehensive opus magnum, fulfilled with vast dark energy, exacting, staying for a long period of time in memory, features a guest appearance by Nihil (Furia, Massemord). Each of the nine songs is next stage of trip towards the understanding, the trip that comes to the astonishing end, a crucible of black metal viciousness and aggression, atmosphere and psychotic visions all together. The CD's layout is being handled by the graphic designer Perversor (Impiety, Witchmaster).

ANNIVERSARY CIRCLE - "Saturated Feathers" CD 2010
"Of their ancestral catalysts I think the Banshees, Joy Division and The Danse Society make most sense, but as the creep atmosphere of this fine debut album sweeps over and around you it would make more sense to cast your mind back to the early 90’s and imagine a band in Twin Peaks forming. That same brooding sense of mystery, the same ghostly lightness of touch." The missing link between Joy Division, Bauhaus & Killing Joke. You’re born, you live and you die in your beds. On each occasion there is cause for celebration or mourning. Always acted upon without question… When we die do we ask? Do we go to heaven, do we go to hell, or are we part of the atheist, agnostic, organic, Darwinist plan and go to earth. Turn to dust. Do we have a choice? Or are we in a perpetual cycle for all eternity. Anniversary Circle. An Existing living hell. CD came out in normal jewel case. 

A WINTER LOST - "Weltenende" CD 2010
A brand new Black Metal band from Nova Scotia, Canada with sophisticated musicians from the North American metal scene. Six tracks of atmospheric, cold Canadian Black Metal with melancholy and very unique way. Weltenende is the traveling beyond the destroyed world. A Winter Lost is a journey back to ones roots starting from the foundation of not knowing even what the questions are, to just acting and removing ones self out of everything they know and into the unknown destroying their fears of failure so that they can learn something, or anything that can allow them to form an image of their place in the world. The 1st full length album, CD came out in normal jewel case.

BEYOND LIGHT - "Eclipsed Sun Path" CD 2010
Living in a Daydream Nightmare state in which you are floating around, giving you the feeling everything is somewhat blur and strange. Some parts look beautiful in silence and loneliness and some parts give you the feeling everything is fake and full of aggression towards you. Pain and depression in a calm and beautiful way as well in a hard and painful way. Expressing Depression in different styles and therefore different musical elements. Combining for instance clean guitar with hard and raw guitar work, keyboards and sound effects. Depressive/Atmospheric Black Metal from the Netherlands. The 1st full length album, CD came out in normal jewel case.

CHELMNO - "Horizon of Events" CD 2010
Chelmno is another great band of Vidharr (Tenebrae in Perpetuum, Beatrìk, Near, Profezia) performing traditional Black Metal, paying tribute to the old spirit, combining the austerity of BM with dark & misty visions. Entering the world of Chelmno you are entering the world of sinister and gloom! Expect obscure and tenebrous Dark Italian Black Metal, performed with great skills and sound! The 2nd full length album after the "Under Our Cemetary" debut and the "From the Ancient Dolomitic Forests" Split 7" Ep with Tenebrae in Perpetuum, Near & Lorn. CD came out in normal jewel case.

PERMIXTIO - "Il Canto dei Sepolcri" CD 2010
Permixtio is reflective black metal performed with great passion. Having a grim & bleak approach on BM and a transcendent feeling in their music,
this band from Northern Italy plays very well-structured songs filled with feelings of melancholia, anguish and spiritual catharsis. The result is a desolate, grim, introspective & majestic BM with a sorrowful and almost ceremonious/religious aura. The 1st full length album after many great demo tapes! CD came out in normal jewel case.

NYCHTS / MORTUALIA - "Nebelstern Des Nichts" A5 digiCD 2010/2011
Shatraug (Horna, Sargeist, Finnentum, Behexen, etc.) mastermind of Mortualia in stellar collaboration with Nychts from Switzerland. Both bands contributed to the one track "Nebelstern Des Nichts". LIMITED DELUXE EDITION: A5 digipack, 6 hard book cover panels, UV and Relief-prints, Poster and Goldened CD. Split release between Sun & Moon Records and Nebelstern Records.

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - "Mankind Suffering Visions" DVD 2009
The first official DVD, including a full concert recorded on the bands last European tour (Haunting Europe Tour) with pro-cameras and the official video-clips of the band! Professional edited & mastered DVD with menu points. DVD is Zone 2. Customer outside of Europe and Japan should have a multizone player for reading it. Packed in regular size DVD plastic case, contains a special inside booklet. The first DSBM live dvd/recording!

WINDBRUCH - "Collision Of The Worlds" CD 2009
Windbruch (meaning wind break/fracture) is a Russian one man band that mixes elements of folk metal and black metal. Strongly folk-influenced music focuses on a strong atmosphere with a lot of emotional feeling, hypnotizing sounds, beautiful Russian landscapes with coldness of black metal, taking the listener to the forests on full moon nights. The debut full length album contains 7 own tracks and a very special cover song. CD came out in normal jewel case.

ATMAN - "l'Assassí de Venus" CD 2009
The 4th full length album from this great, enigmatic Black Metal band hailing from Catalonia (Spain). One of the best Black Metal albums ever recorded a band from Spain! Raw old school Black Metal, with more of a melancholic feel to the music-as oppose to the chaos.  12" vinyl LP released by Ishtadeva Vinyl Productions in 2008. CD came out in normal jewel case.

NYCHTS / WEDARD - "Zwischen Leere Und Nichts"  Split CD 2009
Special split CD release between the enigmatic, warp-astral Nychts from Switzerland and the well known depressive-suicide Black Metal Wedard from Germany. New songs from both bands composed for this release exclusively! CD came out in normal jewel case.

SICULICIDIUM - "Utolsó vágta az Univerzumban" CD 2009
Let's ride with the Transylvanian wolves! The long awaited first full length album! The last gallop in the Universe...six steps to Eternity! Pure Transylvanian Black Metal. Power, pride & fire with touch of melancholy. The 8-pages booklet containing all lyrics written in ancient Hungarian language! CD came out in normal jewel case.

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - "Reflections of a Sad Soul" CD 2008/2011
Ghosts of the past never disappear...They're manipulating you...The suicide mission continues...A new dose of self destruction...The 3rd full length album! The best release of Nocturnal Depression to date, stronger than ever! The 8-pages booklet containing all lyrics! CD came out in normal jewel case. First edition out of print!
Second edition of 1000 copies available!

ISOLATION - "Striding on the Path of Nihil" CD 2008
Isolation from Germany stands for songs of melancholy and despair! Dark, desperate & miserable Black/Doom Metal. Re-release of the band’s first demo. This release will feature two additional guitar layers, an 8-pages booklet containing all lyrics and a new mastering by Arjan Peeks and also an additional piano interlude! CD came out in normal jewel case.
Out of print!

TAPETUM LUCIDUM - "Machteloos Bestaan" CD 2008
Dark and haunting Black Metal from Belgium. Balanced, very-well played with lot of eerie acoustic parts and a unique ghostly feeling!
Expect a fair release, where sorrow of doom metal and misanthropy of black metal unite in a distinctive and clean manner. The 12-pages booklet containing fragments from lyrics and nice artwork. CD came out in normal jewel case.
Not available for trade & wholesale!

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - "Four Seasons to a Depression" CD 2007/2010
The re-mastered version of the band’s acclaimed demo-tape from 2006. Four Seasons To A Depression, unlike the previous outfits is concentrated on themes like nature, cycle of life, and musically is also something different this time. Depressive emotional Black Metal, a soundtrack of the seasons. CD came out in normal jewel case. CD contains a special video for the track Host. First edition out of print!
Second edition of 1000 copies available!

NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - "Nostalgia - Fragments of a Broken Past" CD 2007/2010
Re-release of the band's first full-length (released only on CD-R & tape format), expect depressive & melancholic Black Metal in purest tradition.
Re-recorded, re-arranged, re-mastered. CD came out in normal jewel case. CD contains the video for Nostalgia.
First edition out of print!
Second edition of 1000 copies available!

LABYRINTH OF ABYSS - "The Cult Of Turul Pride" CD 2007
First full length album from the first ever Transylvanian Black Metal band. Originally released in 2004 only on tape, limited to 333 copies.
Old school-type underground black metal with thrash metal influences and incredible guitar solos! CD came out in normal jewel case.
CD contains a special rehearsal video as bonus.
Out of print!


NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION - "Soundtrack For A Suicide: Opus II" CD 2007/2008
French suicidal Black Metal. Depressive, manipulative, slow black metal, let the self-destruction blossom! CD came out in normal jewel case.
CD contains a special hidden track!
First edition out of print!
Second edition of 1000 copies available!