About Sun & Moon Records


Sun & Moon Records is an independent underground record label and was formed in 2006 in Transylvania, as a result of our musical experiences, passions and desires with the urge to support bands which we appreciate. By support we mean releasing, promoting and distributing their albums. Being now for many years in the underground movement, and also having experience with releasing and distributing materials in the past years, we achieved to have a strong worldwide distribution.


Genres which we would want to hold up are raging from ambient to extreme black metal. In general every band/music which is dark enough and fits our personal taste could be released on our label. To make it a bit easier: black metal, doom metal, funeral doom, folk and neo-folk, ambient, noise, death industrial, power electronics are the main genres we would like to focus on. Don't expect tons of "underground shit" releases, only professional and valuable music, bands with real deep attitude and true spirit. We support quality, not quantity! If your band is looking for a label like us, don't hesitate to get in touch. Of course your music will have to really impress us to get a deal. But it is worth a try!

About the Name

The name of the label – Sun & Moon Records – has a symbolistic meaning. The world and the whole cosmos can be taken as a contrast. Contrast between one and the opposite.

Day & Night. Past & Future. Black & White. Old & New. Sun & Moon.


For general informations about Sun & Moon Records and any further questions please write to: info@sunandmoonrecords.com

For individual or wholesale orders, trades and mailorder related stuff please write to: sunandmoonrecords@hotmail.com

If you are running a band/project or any other musical "entity", feel free to send us your demo. Of course this doesn't mean that we will automatically release your material, but it is worth a try! We can't promise anything, but if we like your demo, maybe we can figure out something.

Bands who would like to send demo materials: Please get in touch, before you send any material! Do NOT send your songs via email!

Don't be cheap! We realize you want to save money on promotion but we think that showing us a little respect is the least you can do. Sending crappy MP3 files that don't sound good or are so big that they'll block our email accounts is NOT nice and will not make a good impression at all!

If you want to save money on promotion, you could send your band's soundcloud/ or bandcamp link, other links on youtube, or download links are not accepted!


For all promotional / press related things, please contact Nathan T. Birk



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