Laster ‎– Ons Vrije Fatum Gatefold 2 x 12" LP 2017

Laster ‎– Ons Vrije Fatum Gatefold 2 x 12" LP 2017

Lim. to 350 on black vinyl.

2 x heavy vinyl (180g), 350gsm gatefold-jacket, 2x 220gsm printed-innerbags.

Here on Ons vrije fatum, the Dutch trio strive for an even bolder vision, maximizing the emotional pull of its epic predecessor by reigning in song lengths to more digestable trajectories whilst exploring an even wider expanse of sonic/atmospheric possibility. It's a record that explodes with a harrowing harshness, particularly in the vocal department, but which peels back its layers as the album progresses - and yet adds more, mysterious layers during its duration. Its violence, its ceaseless sturm und drang, is firmly rooted within black metal, but LASTER's increasingly ambitious approach strives for hinterlands of the soul & spirit not conventionally nor conveniently labelled "black metal." 

Price: 18.00 €