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Jul - 07 - 2020

New additions in webshop:


ACID WITCH - Evil Sound Screamers (DIGIPAK CD)
ACID WITCH - Stoned (DIGIPAK CD - Gold Disc)
AGATUS (Zemial) - The Eternalist (CASSETTE)
CADAVERIC INCUBATOR - Sermons Of The Devouring Dead (CD)
DEATHHAMMER - Chained To Hell (12" LP on Black Vinyl)
DEATHHAMMER - Chained To Hell (12" LP on Colored Vinyl)
DEATHHAMMER - Chained To Hell (CD)
MIDNIGHT - Complete And Total Hell (CD)
MIDNIGHT - Satanic Royalty (DIGIPAK CD)
MIDNIGHT - Sweet Death And Ecstasy (DOUBLE CD)  
MORBOSIDAD / KILL - Santuario del Diablo (7" EP on Black Vinyl)      
NUNSLAUGHTER - The Supreme Beast (7" PICTURE DISC w/ Insert)
TIGER JUNKIES (Abigail, Toxic Holocaust) - Green Tea Or Die (7" EP on Green Vinyl)
VOMITOR - Pestilent Death (CD)
WITCHING HOUR - And Silent Grief Shadows The Passing Moon (CASSETTE)