PIRKAN - "Pirkan" digiCD 2020

Oct - 01 - 2020

Love and death flutters the deepest moments of the Hungarian folk song heritage, and these exact moments are captured by the most compelling covers and own songs of Pirkan. Contemporary poems set to music also end up Pirkanised, the human's broken heart rings over the echoing fields of passing.
The range of instruments includes traditional Hungarian ones, zither, kobza, flute, overtone flute, hurdy-gurdy, Jew's harp, double bass, accompanied by analog synthesizers and a vast amount of digital sound makers, and to make the sound even more eclectic there are the tobshuur of the Mongolian steppes and throat singing.
Far from world music's cheap manifestations, the band seeks perennial truths beyond time and space, and wishes to address today's man with the freshness of vigorous tradition.