SELBST - "Secular Compendium" digiCD 2018

Jan - 20 - 2021

SUN & MOON RECORDS is proud to present SELBST's Secular Compendium on high-quality digipack CD. This is an essential collection of SELBST's rare and hard-to-find songs, totally remastered in 2018 by Empty Hall Studio.

Amazing black metal from this Venezuealan/Chilean band: a must-have release for all SELBST fanatics, and those who regard black metal art on a high level!

"Highly recommended and keep your eyes on this band." -

"I have to say I am blown away... SELBST!!!! What the fuck is this??? This is 100 times better than Mgla and almost as good as Deathspell Omega!!!! From Venezuela???? Insane..." -Anastasis, Dead Congregation

"Apparently, black metal is never enough. If I had to sum up the work of SELBST in two words, I would say: Venezuelan Mgla." -