Tronus Abyss ‎– Vuoto Spazio Trionfo digiCD 2008

Tronus Abyss ‎– Vuoto Spazio Trionfo digiCD 2008

Italian Tronus Abyss is a strange, eccentric, semi-ambient BM project, which is much noisier but not entirely dissimilar to Neronoia’s album, which is discussed previously in this zine. 

This fourth full-length from Tronus Abyss is highly experimental in nature and features many electronics and samples taken from music and films. A whole array of instruments has been used, among which also some exotic ones. If you have a dislike for drum machines, this album will not please you. Then again, it is not an album made to please the listener.

Vuoto Spazio Trionfo is an album to test one’s tolerance and attention-span for ecclecticism, because thirteen songs in well over an hour challenge the listener in a very psychedelic and intense experience. While the band once started as a medieval black folk / metal band, Tronus Abyss have now evolved into something along the lines of "industrial black metal."

One might expect something heavy, apocalyptic, a fairground with annoying sounds of screeching machines. For comparisons, the band refers to names like Spektr and Darkspace.

Tronus Abyss is music that will not be to every black metal fan’s taste, especially for those who expect any straightforward material. One of the tracks that is the most demanding is "Montagne Ad Ovest," with repetitive high-pulse sounds that sound like a sample from a coin being dropped. The melody underneath it is quite nice, though. If you made it past that track, you’ll have passed your test for ear torture, unless you think that a Russian male opera tenor with distorted high notes is even worse.

"Il Mio Canto Libero" features an unexpected rhythm box going apeshit, jungle-style, while a pleasant serene melody submits to its dominating madness. Yup, it takes a very open mind to fathom such extreme approaches.

But if you like a mix of zombie-paced dirges with very necro and guttural voices, you will find them on "Vuoto Spazio Trionfo" as well. There are guitars playing funereal structures. On "Cerimonia Del Vuoto" there are also some strange bell and horn supported choir chants which — according to your perception — may feel like some congregation of satanic freaks or some kind of buddhist gathering. There are lots of soundcuts and spoken passages throughout the album. It is difficult to say what they precisely aimed for by using them, but undoubtedly there’s a whole philosophy behind it that is only accessible to the initiated (whoever they may be).

All this talk of occult messages bring to mind the French band Diapsiquir, who also had a deeper meaning behind their highly aggressive Virus STN. But when put against Diapsiquir, Tronus Abyss are not nearly so aggressive and despairing. They are more melodic and there is no one screaming his lungs out. All of Tronus Abyss’ elements of madness seem to be applied in a very controlled manner, which sets the album apart from total aural anarchy. The probability that "Vuoto Spazio Trionfo" will not hold the attention of the listener during its entire length is equal to the percentage of the elitist nature of this album. Some will enjoy it as an aquired taste, other may not taste anything at all.

Price: 10.00 €