Unholy - The Second Ring Of Power CD+DVD 2011

Unholy - The Second Ring Of Power CD+DVD 2011


Ever taken hallucinogenic drugs? Ever dared to then embark on days of adventure and incessant delirium, assaulting your mind with yet more intoxicants, until your body can take no more. Have you tried fucking a girl whilst in this state? Or was that some strange vision that crawled out of your subconscious? Well this album would be very appropriate as a soundtrack to such things. It makes me insane, listening to it, it makes me want to jump out of a tall building and see if can float on air. If the intensity of their first “From the Shadows” could ever be surpassed, then this is it.


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Recorded and mixed at Music-Bros Studios, Imatra, 14-24.3.1994 

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Performed at City Theatre, Imatra, Finland, August 1994 
Region 0. 4:3 

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Packaging: clear tray jewel case with 8-page booklet

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