Woods Of Belial ‎– Deimos XIII CD 2009

Woods Of Belial ‎– Deimos XIII CD 2009

Since 1995 the finnish funeral doomers WOODS OF BELIAL worship the ancient and occult with their eerie hymns. These hymns are so infernal and dark that the elder spell becomes materialized to this world ! Recorded between summer 1998 and summer 2002 in Ragnarök Studio. After a long pause the recordings were finally done in summer 1999 and autumn 2002, lately mastered in spring 2003 at Finnvox Studios.

This release includes the rare and originally only on cassette released demo "Baxabaxaxaxaxabaxaxaxaxa! 666 Yndstr Draconis" (1997).

Expect eerie, dark and occult doom from the finnish cold lands of night...


1. Worm of Na'ruq 02:47

2. Desolate 12:26

3. Halla 07:17

4. The 13th Horror 17:16

5. Pervertum II 11:06 


6. Lunar Triumphator of Evil 10:06

7. Into the Woods of Belial (Goatlord Necroemperor) 08:50

8. Pervertum: Margat Nepeht Nommus 05:57

Total 75:46

Price: 8.00 €