YGFAN - "Hamvakból..." (From the Ashes) digiCD 2018

Oct - 01 - 2020

SUN & MOON RECORDS is proud to present YGFAN's striking debut album, Hamvakból..., on high-quality digipack CD.

YGFAN was formed in 2013 in Budapest, Hungary as a four-piece adopting a unique way of spiritual black metal."Ygfan" is the name of an old, sacred forest, a holy secret place, which appears in Hungarian mythology and which is thought to be a place for religious/spiritual rituals. Their microcosmos incorporates influence from black metal and beyond, including post-metal, nature, myths, and folklore. The band's first release, the mini-album Köd (English: fog/mist), was released in 2015 and received stellar reviews from the undeground media.

Now arrives Hamvakból..., which appropriately enough means "From the Ashes" in English. Here, YGFAN walk further down the same route, crafting innovative and gloomy black metal-rooted music - but not strict "black metal" per se, so expansive is their sound - where cutting riffs meet soul-searching spiritual harmonies, and more.

In fact, Hamvakból... do YGFAN cement their place among the new wave of Hungarian black metal, sharing the same cultural roots as the likes of Thy Catafalque, Svoid, and Perihelion. Containing seven songs clocking in at 47 minutes, this is a must-hear for 2018!