LUCIFER'S FALL - "III - From the Deep" LP / CD 2021

Aug - 16 - 2022

LUCIFER'S FALL - "III - From the Deep" LP / CD 2021

Album will be out on CD (August) and vinyl LP (November)


The 3rd full length album by the best Doom Metal band from Australia!
This is what we call traditional doom metal, sometimes crushing, sometimes rolling, even epic!

From the opening riffs "Trident Steel" there is the classic doom vibe, and the moment you say this is another band redoing Saint Vitus and Pentagram riffs, something clicks and you hear so much more going on!
There is a mad, driving force in this band, Lucifer's Fall is a dirty, lustful beast.

Lucifer's Fall hails from Adelaide, South Australia and they have learned their Doom Metal lessons.
Massive, epic riffs, wardrums and maniacal vocals from Deceiver.
"From The Deep", the Aussie's 3rd opus radiates doom metal passion in every second, in every sound, in every detail. It may be true, that few bands could get so close to the prefect doom metal blend like Reverend Bizarre did,
and while not reinventing the wheel or the steel, Lucifer's Fall is close to that level, where everything fits and works. Perfect doom metal riffs, strong and tough riffs, but with an incline to melancholy for bits of time,
a charismatic voice and unexpected twists in the songs.
Rock'n'roll and punk stiff up its nose from time to time, making the record more diverse.

Doom over the world!