UNDOER - "Survival is a Myth" digiMCD 2019

Aug - 16 - 2022

SUN & MOON RECORDS is proud to present UNDOER's striking debut EP, Survival is a Myth, on CD format.

UNDOER hail from Turkey, and formed in 2017. Soon, they set to work on their first public recording, the three-song/22-minute Survival is a Myth EP. Mature beyond the band's meager year of existence, Survival is a Myth was a shockwave of sleek and scathing black metal, brimming with a startlingly amount of violence and dynamics in equal measure. Initially self-released digitally, UNDOER's first recording was so exceedingly accomplished, SUN & MOON simply had to release it on a physical format, and thus endeavored to bring the band into their proudly exclusive stable.

Alas, the international metal underground shall now witness the fire, fury, and furore of UNDOER as Survival is a Myth is unleashed on a worldwide scale. The EP is ominously titled: experiencing the unhinged 'n' undulating attack of UNDOER is not so much a matter of listening as it is survival, for the power-trio overload the listener's circuitry was a barrage of tense 'n' terrorizing decibels. And yet, this isn't (ultra)violence for its own sake; there's a wealth of texture and nuance coursing beneath the rotten, rusty gleam of their razorbladed onslaught, a remarkably advanced grasp of songwriting and sound detail. As such, UNDOER exhibit a palatably modern aspect to their black metal, unshackling themselves from the regressive tethers of the past - although, if one has to make references, the Moonfog school of future-shock black metal around the turn of the millennium is a favorable one, to say the very least.

The past has already happened, its paths blazed and burned away. Now only lies the way forward, and there UNDOER begin a new path with Survival is a Myth.