Zess – Et In Arcadia Ego LP 2004

Zess – Et In Arcadia Ego LP 2004

The band was formed in 1987 in Genoa, Italy. Their primary influence was NWOBHM, American and Italian early doom metal scene (Pagan Altar, Trouble, Black Hole, etc.). Music varied from raw heavy metal to slow doom metal with atmosphere of horror movies. Lyrics were based on occultism, obscure tales and horror stories. The band performed some live sessions at Genova’s Hobbit Studios between December 1987 and February 1988. The songs were not released at that time and in 1988 the group disbanded.

In 2004, the original tracks have been digitally restyled and totally re-mastered. They were collected onto compilation "Et In Arcadia Ego", released by Black Widow Records

The Italian occult Metal underground is famous for bands like Death SS and the omnipotent Paul Chain, and both have released some real milestones in the past. But apart of the big names, there are still some surprises hidden in the past and one of this secrets was the five-piece ZESS. The group featured Mercy La Morgue, who was the founder of bands like Malombra or Il Segno Del Comando. ZESS was only active during a very short period of time from 1987 to 1988 where they recorded a few tracks in a small studio. Unfortunetly, these tracks had never seen the dark light of day until now, and Black Widow Records had done a great job in re-discovering this nearly lost tracks. The album offers eight atmospheric tracks of finest dark brooding Doom Metal. Due to the original recordings (though remastered and digitally re-styled), the sound isn't massive and more low-fi, but the complete mood is very heavy and today aren't much bands around who are playing this kind of dark doom-driven Metal. ZESS aren't warming up early Sabbath riffs to the max, but they surely felt influenced by the dark vibe of the gods. Their sound is much colder and more metallic and comes closer to early Trouble or Candlemass and they've added some up-tempo parts here and there. Mr.Mercy's vocal performance is also very unique and hard to describe. Maybe a bit like Paul Chain, but leaving out the higher regions. I totally dig the album and I give all Doomsters and fans of dark old school Metal out there the advice to get a copy of "Et In Arcadia Ego"!

Price: 22.00 €